Food Blogging 101

Log in to WordPress. Write a post announcing you’re actually going to write something soon. Follow through. Repeat. I’ve got some ideas and recipes I’ve been playing with for the past year and I’m excited to share them with you! Talking about food into what seems like a somewhat empty void is very intoxicating and … Continue reading Food Blogging 101

Porta v. Porto

I learned a new thing today! While it seems pretty obvious, I always seem to mess up the spelling of Portobello mushrooms. So what did I learn? Portabella and Portobello are perfectly correct. What’s important is that the 2nd vowel and the last vowel be the same. There’s an actual Mushroom Council and they use … Continue reading Porta v. Porto

We’re harvested our bok choy today! Turns out there’s an insect that’s killing all of the spinach, beets, and swiss chard in the garden. Unfortunately that meant we had a small yield for that. However, we had so much bok choy that we shared with our neighbors. Matt’s using the spinach and the bok choy … Continue reading